Length of Program

UTC requires at least 8 hours of active programming to implement all games for the necessary amount of time. Sessions can vary in length based on organizational and community preference - sessions may be as short as 45 minutes (8-10 sessions), or as long as 4 hours (2 sessions).

1 Take-Away Activity

  • Distributed at onset of programming
  • Youth complete on their own

4 Games

  • Played in facilitated environment
  • Minimum 8 hours of gameplay

1 Program Wrap-up Activity

  • Completed as a group once all games have been played to completion

If your organization implements UTC, we will work with you to ensure your plan meets the requirements in a way that works best for you and your community!

Program Materials

When purchasing UTC, you will receive all materials you need to implement the program. One set of games can be used for up to 24 students at one time. We will discuss your program plans to ensure you have enough copies of games based on your anticipated group size. 

The take-away and wrap-up activities use consumable materials, so you will need to plan accordingly to make sure you have enough for all youth (and plan to order more for future rounds of implementation).

Training + TA

UTC should be implemented by facilitators that have completed the UTC facilitator training. Facilitators that are interested in implementing do not need to be experts in sexual health! They just need to be comfortable discussing the content of the games. We recommend facilitators who have experience working with youth and/or are relatable to the youth.

All facilitators must complete the UTC facilitator training, which entails:

  1. An online portion to be completed asynchronously (approximately 4 hours)
  2. An in-person gameplay and implementation planning session (two half-days)

Upon completion of the training, we will support your efforts to update and personalize contents to fit your community, answering any questions you may have in the process. We also provide support as you plan implementation sessions to provide any additional technical assistance, coaching, and ongoing support your organization may need.

Implementation partners